Blackmail is an age old way to control other people.  Q states Hugh Hefner was a CIA asset who blackmailed people with his honeypot trap.  Can you imagine the number of people who fell for his trap?

Q Indicates that Heidi Fleiss works for the CIA to blackmail people like Chuck Schumer.  

The Clintons have developed their own blackmail network of politicians.  

House and Senate members were being blackmailed in September 2017 to force impeachment hearings.

Q posted the next drop following President Trump's State of the Union Address last January 30, 2018.  Q said POTUS freed 'good' members of Congress who were being blackmailed, threatened and enslaved. 

Below is one of Q's earliest posts.  World governments run on blackmail.  Q said that Trump and others were working to balance America's needs to remove American bad actors who are entrenched, without exposing foreign heads of state and toppling foreign governments. Other countries will need their own version of President Trump to lead their country.  You cannot take down a corrupt system without having something to replace it.  Chaos would ensue and many people would be hurt.  America is so blessed to have military planning and President Trump.

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