Bribes and Self Enrichment                              

How do politicians become extremely wealthy on government salaries?  They take bribes. Once they gain control over the purse strings of the government, they steal it from the American Taxpayers.  It is outrageous.  What percent of your tax dollars, goes into the pockets of politicians?

Both Republicans and Democrats set up personal foundations to receive bribes from foreign countries and big businesses.  They award government contracts to spouses and family members. They funnel money to companies and receive it back in the form of campaign contributions or large salaries for family members.  These are just a few ways.  

Q has posted many times about bribes and self-enrichment.    For years Saudi Arabia held huge influence in American politics.  SA has donated hundreds of millions of dollars to the foundations of politicians on both sides of the aisle.  Q states that SA has donated to the personal foundations of the Clintons, John McCain, Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, and the Bush family.  In November of 2017, the government of SA had a huge anti-corruption round up and arrested many of the Saudi Royals who bribed US politicians.  Q asks, "What information may be gained from these detainees?"  I suspect that many US politicians will be implicated in information obtained in the SA raids.

In Q post 1345, Q tells us the Iran Nuclear deal was not about stopping Iran from developing nuclear weapons.  It was a money grift.  The Obama Administration wanted to open a CIA black site.  It bribed many European Leaders with cash and lucrative business contracts in order to allow the US (ran by the Obama Administration) to negotiate this deal.  That is why Obama delivered 5 cargo planes loaded with untraceable cash to Iran.  

European leaders and former Obama officials are panicked that President Trump pulled us out of the Iran Deal because they are afraid of being exposed.  The Iranian Foreign Minister threatened to expose western politicians.

Q tells us the reason the Democrats and RINOs (Insiders) were united together against the election of President Trump (Outsider) is that they did not want to lose control of the government and its cash supply.  The Bush's looted money from Iraq in the 1990s.  The Obama Administration used the same playbook against Iran.  There are no controls in place to ensure the money is not stolen.

In January 5, 2019, Q asks why the Democrats want to give billions of dollars away in foreign aid.  Corruption at its finest!

Below is a November 3, 2018 post from Q.  Democrats provided Planned Parenthood over 1.5 billion dollars in taxpayer funding and received at least $30 million dollars back in campaign contributions to influence the elections.  What a scam!  It should not be legal for a taxpayer funded organization to donate to either political party.

This Q post is from April 4, 2018.  Q gives an example of how the 2018 Omnibus Bill provided funding to both Republican and Democratic politicians via the Gateway Bridge Project. 

In Q Post 524, Q identifies Loop Capital.  He states that CEOs and Boards of Directors pay into politician slush funds.  He states that Obama has $29 Million and McCain has $ 19 Million in Singapore.  Hillary and Bill have $ 15 Million in Mexico and Nancy Pelosi had $ 8 Million sent to her Deutsche Bank account in the USA.

July 8, 2019, Q started dropping information about Joe Biden who sold his office when he was Vice President.  Q linked to an article about Biden's brother getting a $1.5 billion dollar contract in Iraq and his son Hunter obtaining a $ 1.5 billion dollar deal with China.

Q Post3381

Q links to a July 2017 letter by Chuck Grassley asking Rod Rosenstein to investigate how officials in the Ukrainian government tried to help Hillary Clinton and undermine Trump in the 2016 election.

Democrats and Rinos did not like the exposure of their corruption so they plotted to impeach President Trump for investigating corruption in the Ukraine.

Q Post 3652

Q tells us that those responsible for stealing billions from the US taxpayers will be punished.  


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