Your Involvement                              

Do you realize that just by reading this and researching Q, you have become a part of history?  You are playing an active role in a military operation designed to reach you.  

If you want to be more involved, you can go directly to the 8 Chan boards and help the Anon’s research Q’s drops.  Q reads the 8 chan boards, and often responds to the Anons by reposting their work and commenting below.  

Some patriots have chosen to create You Tube videos.  They read the work of the Anons on the Q boards and compile the Anons' research with their own to create videos.  This is a great service for those following Q who have limited time.  

Other patriots pick a topic and stay current with that topic. There is a group of patriots keeping up with notable resignations, sealed indictments, memes for sharing, etc.  It is a collective effort, although many of us work independently.

My goal at DoUKnowQ is to make it easy for new people to learn about Q.  I want to be a database for new users to find information from various sources.  I invite you to join us by sharing your time, energy, and skills to spreading the message.

Please realize how valuable it is to the movement for you to just keep up with the Q posts and learn. It is like voting. Every vote counts.  Every set of eyes watching the Q boards is important to win this information war against the Deep State.  It takes every one of us!  Where we go one, we go all!

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