Edward Snowden                              

Edward Snowden worked for the CIA and was used by them to bring down the NSA.  He is the famous "whistleblower" who alerted the world about that the government was gathering information about every American.  However, his motives were not altruistic.  

The NSA is run by military officers.  The NSA had the ability to monitor the activities of the CIA.  In order to destroy the NSA's ability, the CIA sent Edward Snowden into the NSA to expose them, cause a public outcry, and limit the NSA's ability to monitor their clandestine activities.  Snowden also has written the algorithms for Google, Twitter, and Facebook to track its users' information and location (including President Trump's).  This also ties in to the Uranium One deal which enriched our corrupt leaders and set up a scenario for World War III.  

Follow along and I will show you how Q led us to understand the role of Edward Snowden. 

 On November 2, 2017 Q posted that the a 'three letter agency' had embedded a tracking code into POTUS' Twitter account to target his location.  


In Q Post 66, Q clarifies that it was the CIA who attacked POTUS.  The NSA and Military Intelligence alerted the President and created counter measures.

January 23, 2018 Q started openly communicating with Edward Snowden.

Q tells Snowden that he knows that Snowden was sent into the NSA as a contractor to destroy the NSA and that he infiltrated Secure Drop for the CIA (Clowns in America).

Snowden set up a way for rogue operators to communicate on a CIA website.


In Q Post 730, Q is talking directly to Snowden while telling us that Snowden is still working for the CIA and is in Russia.

On February 15, 2018 Snowden responds to Q by re-posting tweets.  

Q thanks Snowden for showing the world how the CIA passes the narrative that it wants journalists to spread for the day.  

In Post 770, Q lists the people who have been suicided by the CIA and tells Snowden that he is now a liability.  

Q is trying to get Snowden to cross over to the White Hats because he is valuable.  Snowden has written and deployed many of the algorithms across multiple social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter.

A Bridge is a person or tool that is used to share information.  In Post 834, Q is telling us that the first Bridge was murdered [187] and Snowden is the second bridge who connects the CIA to Google, You Tube, Facebook, and Twitter.  Snowden wrote the programs that allow the CIA to monitor and communicate through these platforms. 

Snowden has the ability to hack into Special Access Programs and Intercontinental Ballistic Missile (ICBM) technology.  He was responsible for blinding the NSA which allowed the Uranium 1 deal to be completed which links to Russia and North Korea.

The Q team wants to turn Snowden.  They track him to China and post reconnaissance pictures.

Q tells Snowden they can take him any time.

In Post 895, Q tells us that Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey (@Jack) sent a hidden message to the Deep State that Twitter was allowing Snowden access to geotrack their devices.  

Post 959, Q thanks Snowden for the algorithm that has allowed the Q team to infiltrate the enemies' communications.  This could be disinformation to instill distrust between the black hats.

In Post 972, Q tells us to think outside the box.  The Obama Administration spied on President Trump by abusing the FISA system, but it also used social network platforms. 

The Deep State is using information gathered by these platforms to blackmail and bribe people.  It also allowed the Obama Administration to skirt government regulations for spying on people.  

Google and others platforms are selling the ability to spy on citizens to governments internationally.  Since social media platforms are used by most everyone, censorship across the platforms can significantly influence elections in the USA and other countries.  Q asks Snowden to shine the light brightly on these practices.

Post 1948 is when Q connected the dots that it was Snowden who trained on The Farm (CIA) and then joined the NSA as a contractor.  He exposed the NSA 'PRISM' program in 2013 to impact the ability of the NSA to collect information.  This was designed to push Congress to restrict the NSA's abilities and provide "Blue Skies" for the CIA to operate.  The IRAN deal was executed months later.   

On February 17, 2019 Q asks Snowden, "What happens when Russia gives you up?  Will the CIA protect you?"

Please read the link for Secure Drop if you did not earlier.  It is important to understand.

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