Seth Rich                             

Seth Rich worked for the Democratic National Committee (DNC) as the Voter Expansion Data Director.  He was a Bernie Sanders supporter.

Democrats claim that Russians hacked into the DNC server and provided information to WikiLeaks.  Julian Assange of WikiLeaks denies this.  The DNC server was never provided to the FBI to investigate who hacked the server.  Instead, the DNC hired a partisan company named CrowdStrike (funded by Google) to look at the DNC server.  CrowdStrike (CS) told the FBI the server was hacked by Russians.  Mueller never investigated the server either.

It was Seth Rich, disillusioned by the DNC stealing votes from Sanders, who downloaded the information and provided it to Wikileaks.  He had motive and opportunity. 

In one of Q's earliest posts 11/5/2017 he tells Anons to look in to the MS-13 gang.  He leads us to understand that MS-13 members are used as assassins who can be eliminated.  Q mentions Seth Rich and suggests that 2 MS-13 gang members were found dead shortly after his murder.  Q says it is classified.  (Possible candidates)

In Post 1008, Q tells us the Russia investigation is fake.  Seth Rich was murdered [187] by MS-13 gang members.  The Democrats claimed their servers were hacked but there was no investigation to prove this.  The FBI did not ask the NSA to pull down metadata which would have traced the transmission of data to WikiLeaks.  Nothing was transferred across the web so it must have been transferred directly.  The DOJ, FBI, and Special Council never investigated the server.  Q also states the Mainstream Media (MSM) equals 'The Wheel'.  He may have been suggesting it was the MSM's job to "spin" the story and attack anyone questioning the murder of Seth Rich.

In post 1195, an Anon asks, "When will we find out about Seth Rich and Las Vegas?"  Q does not answer the Las Vegas question but states that Seth Rich is connected to the DNC, MS-13, and Julian Assange.  He asks, "Why did the Democrats push legal representation on the family?"  

At the bottom of Post 1493 Q provides additional information.  He states the Democrats had an operation to hack State voting systems.  Seth Rich was murdered as a result of discovery.  

Anons are impatient for news about Seth Rich to break in the Main Stream Media and ask Q, "Anything?" Q provides additional information that the Q team has phone records which will demonstrate the command and control of the operation.  He also mentions James Comey.  He states the countdown has begun.

In post 1626, Q states that either the server or Julian Assange could prove that Seth Rich was the source of the leaked DNC emails.  Democratic Senators are panicked about the idea of being exposed.  They demanded that Julian Assange's asylum be revoked so he would be jailed by the UK.

Scroll to the bottom of post 1708.  Q suggests the UK government conspired with Obama to use CrowdStrike to plant evidence falsely pointing to Russia.  The UK government wants Julian Assange's source files.

Q often states, "Future proves past."  When Q posted this December 22, 2017 drop, we had very little information to interpret the post (although the Anon who wrote 'ANSWERS' did a great job).  Now in February of 2019, the post can be understood.  See if you can understand it.


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