Q has posted at least twice about MK-Ultra.  MK-Ultra is a program started in the 50's, where scientists experimented on people using drugs, electricity, sound, and frequencies to re-program their behavior.  

Much of the research was performed in Canada by Ewen Cameron and was contracted by the CIA.  He was associated with Nazi psychiatrists.  Cameron's mind control experiments violated the Nuremberg Code for medical ethics. The research done without informed consent of the "patients."  The Canadian government placed a gag order on the victims and families who came forward in protest.

Q links the MK-Ultra program to mass casualty shooters when he asks how many shooters have received therapy in the past.  The answer is all of them.  Here is a WND article discussing the drugs taken by shooters.  Q cannot tell us any more, but wants the Anons to dig.

Q provides a link to the official transcript from the Senate Intelligence Committee's hearing on MK-Ultra.  Q tells us that now they use frequencies via cell phone to modify the programming of an MK-Ultra subject.  This would allow the handler to control the subject remotely.  The operation was originated and conducted outside of the US.  Praying Medic has a good video about the February 15, 2018 Q drops in which he shows the Youtube video referenced by Q.

In Post 775, Q asks Anons to research the deaths of 3 scientists researching satellite relays in mobile phones.  I have not found the answer to that query, but apparently working as a computer scientist or engineer is deadly if one works for defense companies.

In Post 776, and Anon asks if anons are safe.  Yes.  Q states that target subjects are predisposed to mental illnesses and have been scouted and chosen.  The CIA then arranges 'therapy'.  The CIA therapist breaks the subject's mind and programs the person.  

In Post 777, we learn that MK-Ultra was successful and is being implemented, but it is no longer called MK-Ultra.  Q asks why is Big Pharma essential?  Drugs are used to break the mind.  A significant percentage of the population is on anti-depressant drugs.  It would be easy to identify potential subjects by pulling names of people on anti-depressant or anti-psychotic drugs.  The government has forced providers to use electronic medical records, so medical information could be gathered easily on anyone.

Q asks us to question why Blackberry phones were put out of business.  He hints that Apple and Google are working with the Deep State to incorporate spyware and frequency abilities in their cell phone products.

In this last post, which came out January 7, 2019, Q tells us the program development for mind control is ongoing outside the United States under a 'tangent' agency.  Basically, it is a black operation funded covertly which can't be connected to its leaders.  In 1988, they had a 71% success rate.  Can you imagine what it is now?

Q states that mental institutions have therapists who are 'program specialists.'  He tells us that wounded in action (WIA) military personnel have been targets of the program.  It may explain why so many soldiers are returning with PTSD.  President Trump is now bringing awareness to the high suicide rate of veterans.  I wonder if there is a correlation?  Here are the links from Post 2663.

June 28, 2018 Jarrod Ramos walked in to the Capital Gazette newspaper and killed 5 people.  Reuters was quick to blame President Trump.  Q states "They know what they are doing."  This was an opportunity to smear POTUS.

Anons noticed that two of the witnesses interviewed by the media wore Freemason emblems.

Q tells us to look at the therapists.  Every shooter has one.  He suggests the shooters were targeted/chosen by the CIA.  He suggests the therapists leave town soon after the shooting and change their names.  This is a CIA operation and the FBI knows.

Q acknowledged the Anon's observations that Freemasons are in the background of Media shots.  

I could not find therapists' connections to the shooters, but I found an Anon's post about shooters hearing voices.  Nikolas Cruz, the Parkland shooter, claims he heard demon voices instructing him how to commit the massacre.

8 Chan Link 1949250

In Post 1633, an Anon posts a tweet by Ramos where he refers to his therapist, so it is confirmed that he had a therapist.

Q posts a link to an article written by Jarrod Ramos and tells us to look at the bottom graphic.  It is a red and yellow shield.

In Post 1636, Q tells us the therapist is the key.  They use symbolism such as Jarrod's shield to install strength and a sense of purpose and belonging into their targets.  He said the Deep State made an error.  The therapist's name can be found due to filing, but it is fake.  

Q tells Anons that Gina Haspel who is the current CIA director is trying to locate and terminate the MK-Ultra programs.  

In Post 1638, an Anon asks Q why doesn't Haspel know where the programs are located.  Q tells Anons to think of the Bourne movies.  There are many CIA black operations that are rogue.

Here is what an Anon found about Ramos's therapist.

Finally, Q shows us how the Deep State and Media is using the Ramos shooting to ramp up pro violent attacks against Q and 8 chan.  It was staged to frame pro POTUS supporters.

Q states this was anticipated.  He taunts David Brock who is a shill that runs Snopes.  

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