Solving the Matrix

It is March 9, 2019.   As We Know produced today's featured video from an article by Serial Brain 2.  SB2 solves the Matrix post Q749 in his Part 2 of Bye Crooked Hillary series.  I think this is one of the most important videos produced because it affects us all; however, this may not be for the newly awakened.  

Enjoy the video!

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Do you remember 9-11 when the planes hit the buildings?  I watched in shock as I witnessed the deaths of the people in the twin towers as the planes hit the buildings.  I remember praying people would get out of the buildings safely, and not jump to their deaths rather than being burned alive. 

It was much later before I could comprehend that there were passengers on those planes.  Initially, I assumed the planes were piloted by single kamikaze pilots.  My mind denied that there could hundreds of terrified passengers being used as human bombs.  That is how I feel about the information Q is showing us.  Initially, you deny the information.  It takes time to comprehend the depth and breadth of evil they had planned for us.  But God is in control.  What Satan planned for evil, God will turn to good.  

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