Lesbian Couple Find God

Kathy and Valerie had been living in a same-sex Lesbian relationship since 2008.  They decided to get married, but then God spoke to them clearly.  This is an amazing story of how the Holy Spirit is working in people’s lives today, and that if we seek the Lord He is there.  The gospel is the power of salvation!

Enjoy the video!

Look at the joy beaming from these women.  The woman on the right had a vision.  She said she saw her sins coming out of her body as nails that crucified Jesus on the Cross.  She realized she was crucifying herself, but she was not the sacrifice.  His crucifixion became the sacrifice that freed her.  

They also want people to know that condemnation is not helpful.  Jesus died for everyone.  He loves us all no matter what the sins of our past.  The witness of Jesus is a witness of love.  Do you feel Jesus calling you?

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