Conspiracy Theory                              

In 1967 the CIA coined the term 'conspiracy theory' as a way to counter and discredit claims of a critic. The CIA would employ propaganda assets in the media to write articles refuting and discrediting the critics.

Corey Lynn has a great article about how the CIA Coined and Weaponized the Label 'Conspiracy Theory.'  Zero Hedge also wrote about this in 2015

Q told us early on the Mockingbird Media will push the Q Anon 'Conspiracy' theme.

Q lists a Newsweek article written to discredit Q.  He states that it is a stupid strategy because it will bring more attention to Q Anon.  He asks Anons to develop proofs that Q is working with President Trump.  

In Post 1822, Q defines conspiracy.  He states the Fake News is knowingly promoting a false conspiracy against President Trump.

Q asks people to think for themselves and use reason.  Once you understand that the MSM is manipulating you into viewing things a certain way, you will better be able to discern what is real.  Sheep no more.

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