Special Access Programs are under the directive of the Department of Homeland Security (DHS).  A person must have Top Secret security clearance or greater to access to SAPs.  Access is only granted if the individual has a valid need-to-know.  Individuals are not granted SAP access based solely upon rank, position, or title. SAP are highly guarded and located on servers that are not connected to the internet.

In a recent post, Q asks "How did Hillary obtain SAPs on her personal home servers?"  SAP programs are only on local access computers.  He tells us that identification of a 'specific SAP' will create a log of when the SAP was accessed.  Q asks what process or security clearance would allow an individual to break protocol and remove a SAP from its secure computer, and walk away with an electronic copy of the SAP.

Q asks if a Foreign State gained access to Hillary's server and the SAP material.  The answer is Yes.  Obama FBI officials covered for Hillary and lied when they said that China did not access Hillary's private server.

In Post 2657, Q tells us that China gained access to Hillary's server and used the intelligence to locate and murder CIA assets in China.  The agents were sold out by Hillary and the Obama Administration and the Fake News Media limited their exposure. Reuters - China Killed CIA Sources

Hillary also sold the SAPs to Russia to improve their Inter-Continental Ballistic Missile technology.  John and his brother Tony Podesta were the intermediaries (bridge) between Clinton and Russia. The Uranium 1 deal also ties into the SAP programs.

In 2011, Obama terminated the Shuttle Program, and the US lost space dominance.  Obama transferred our space technology to a private company, Space X.  Q hints that our nuclear technology was transferred to Iran and North Korea via Hillary's private server loaded with SAPs.  She pocketed millions.

In one of Q's earliest posts, he told us that the Military has the same SAPs as the NSA and CIA secondary to changes made after 9-11.  This is not good because the CIA has gone rogue.  The CIA thinks that it is not accountable to the President and can hold the country hostage.  The Constitution grants the President the authority to remove power from agencies that have gone rogue.

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