16 Year Plan to Destroy America                              

Q provided the outline of the 16 Year Plan to Destroy America.  The first eight years was executed by Barack Hussein Obama.  See yellow highlighted area of post.

President Obama was successful at accomplishing the first 8 years of the plan.  He did install rogue operators throughout the top and mid-levels of government.  Wikileaks revealed that Obama intentionally sought Muslims to fill staff and cabinet positions.  They allowed Pakistani Imran Awan access to the computer systems and servers for the House of Representatives.  Awan had access to high level security programs and documents for years.

Our classified intelligence was leaked to our enemies via Hillary's private email server.  Military funding was cut. Command was taken away from the Generals.  Generals fighting in the Middle East reported they could not move against ISIS until it was okayed by the White House.  They launched a 'good guy' takedown and internally removed white hats in the government.  This was executed by Iranian Valarie Jarrett.  

HRC sold our Special Access Programs to China, Russian, Iran and North Korea.  Brennan sent in Edward Snowden to take down the NSA which is mainly staffed by military personnel who are loyal to our country.

The IRS targeted the Conservative Base to hurt them financially and prevent them from campaigning for Republicans, specifically The Tea Party.  Remember Lois Lerner who pled the Fifth when brought before Congress?  The Mockingbird Media also targeted conservatives and shielded Democrats from damaging stories.

Obama encouraged illegals to come into our country by the Dream Act and offering benefits to illegal aliens.  This weakened us economically, divided us, and brought in criminals to destabilizing our nation.  Democrats harvest votes from illegals.

The Obama Administration turned a blind-eye to North Korea and Iran's nuclear program development.  They covertly funded NK's and Iran's programs with money and Uranium.  The Uranium 1 deal depleted our Uranium assets by 20 percent and enriched our enemies with Uranium.  

They set the stage to stack the Supreme Court with liberal Justices.  They killed Antoine Scalia.  The NASA Space Shuttle program was cancelled to prevent space domination which would allow bad actors to take down our satellites.  This would have eliminated the ability of our military to communicate securely.  It also increased our risk of an EMP attack which would render our country helpless.

Hillary Clinton was to execute the last 8 years.  Here is what the nation had in store if Hillary won the election.

We would have had a nuclear war with North Korea or other rogue nations.  This would have reduced the population (Agenda 21) and the elite would pocket billions of dollars.

She would take full control of the Military and eliminate all patriots in ranking positions.  She would kill the economy and push the people to government dependence.  Remember how Hillary wanted to kill the coal industry?  This would eliminate jobs for coal country and make electricity and energy more expensive for the consumer.

Open our borders like Germany.

They planned to revise the Constitution, remove the second amendment, and take away our guns.  They would win filed lawsuits because the Supreme Court would be stacked with liberal Justices.  They planned to remove the electoral college because it is easier to cheat using the popular vote.  

They planned to continue to limit funding of the military and would close military installations worldwide with Germany first.  They would completely censor any opposing view.  No free speech.  Big tech is censoring free speech now.  If Hillary were president there would be no one to fight against it.  It was a plan of pure evil.

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