Keep Us Poor                              

Economic security is national security.  It is important that our citizens have the ability to be financially secure.  Citizens need access to good paying jobs, reasonably priced healthcare, pharmaceuticals, fuel, and energy.  Taxes are a burden on individual households.  When the government spends money irresponsibly, the taxpayers must pay more.  This decreases the money available to spend on family or save for retirement.

Q tells us our Legislatures have been stealing money from taxpayers by appropriating it to the organizations that harm our country and citizens.


Congress gives these organizations massive amounts of money every year with no accountability.  There are no audit systems in place.  Taxpayers are providing money to the rich people and organizations that want to destroy us!

How is it that Senators and Congressmen/women become rich while in office?  They receive kickbacks from the organizations for which they pass funding.  Q asks, "How does Maxine Waters live in a $ 4 million-dollar home?"  The salary for a Congressman is $174,000 a year.  She also must pay for a home in Washington, D.C.  

They become rich by stealing from the American taxpayer.  We become poorer.

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