Prophesy About The Coup Attempt Against Donald Trump

On April 7, 2016, Mike Thompson received a word from the Lord.  “The dogs of hell have been released against the one candidate with the hand of the Lord upon him.  Speak against the Spirit of false witness, hatred, and murder.  Release truth and justice into the atmosphere, and we the angels will break the teeth of the Enemy.”

Note that this prophesy was released before Donald Trump became the Republican nominee for President.  The Obama Administration had been surveilling all of the Republican candidates but realized mid-March that Trump was going to win the Republican nomination and began to plot a coup.  The Conservative Treehouse wrote an excellent article outlining the timeline of spy campaign against President Trump.

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Growing up in church, I never heard of modern-day prophets.  Prophets were in the Old Testament and for a time gone by.  The Bible was a collection of stories about God, Jesus, and how to live.   About seven years ago, I re-read the gospels in the New Testament (Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John) and the words jumped off the page!  Jesus was healing people and casting out demons.  Demons?  Who believes in demons?  If demons existed then, do they still exist today?  I had been taught that people who believe in demons were superstitious.

I began studying the Bible in earnest.  I learned so much listening to Chuck Missler’s videos on You Tube.  The Bible is a Supernatural book!  The gifts of the spirit are real, and the gift of prophesy is real.  However, the Bible warned against false prophets so you must listen with discernment.  Prophets who are hearing from God should be accurate.  It helps to know their track record.  Mike Thompson is a prophet who has been specific in his prophesies which are now proving to be true.  

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