The Mueller Report

It is April 18, 2019.  The Mueller Report was released today, and Q has posted twice.  Q states now that the blockade is removed nothing will delay what is about to be unleashed!

X22 Report reviews today's news.  He contrasts Jerry Nadler's statements regarding releasing Special Council information from the Ken Starr investigation of Bill Clinton to his statements today regarding the Mueller report.  

An Anon points out that ongoing cases that are redacted in the Mueller report are listed on page D-5!  

Enjoy the video!

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Democrats are demanding that Mueller testify before Congress.  This would be a gift to the Republicans who would have the opportunity to ask a few of the following questions. "Why did you continue to investigate obstruction when you realized there was no collusion?" "Why did you not wrap up the investigation before the mid-term elections?" "Why did you not directly investigate the DNC server?"  Let's pray Mueller testifies!  

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