Fake News FARA Agents

It is April 23, 2019.  Q has not posted.  This is an excellent video by Red Pill 78.  He reviews Brian Cates’ thread about how reporters and executives in the Fake News Media are poised to be indicted for not registering as FARA agents.  They have been taking money from foreign governments to write news articles in order to sway public opinion.  They all may get the Manafort sentence.

RP78 found a video of a former Notre Dame engineer who reports that the cathedral had been rewired years ago and had many redundancies built in to prevent fires.  Something stinks in Paris!  

An Anon makes interesting connections between Q Post 3313 and the LA Military Spec Operation.  This may tie into Adam Schiff and the Standard Hotel.  We will see.  Future proves past!

Enjoy the video!

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