MSM Acting As Unregistered Foreign Agents

Brian Cates is on Twitter.  He formerly known as Stealth Jeff@drawandstrike.  Brian writes great political threads.  He is not a Q follower but has good insight into the Trump Administration.  In the following thread, Brian details how the Mainstream Media has been paid large sums of money by foreign governments to write propaganda pieces disguised as "news" in order to sway public opinion.  They have been acting as foreign agents, but have not registered as foreign agents (FARA).  Mueller just prosecuted Paul Manafort for this and set a precedent that all corrupt journalists should fear.

You should also read the Michael Waller article embedded in Brian Cates's thread.  It explains how Ted Kennedy and Obama's White House Chief Council Greg Craig, who was recently indicted, set up the modern day DC foreign bribery scheme.


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