It's Happening!

It is April 25, 2019.  Q made 7 posts last night and IPOT is the first on the scene!  Fox News interviewed Joe diGenova who dropped some major crumbs!  When Admiral Rogers discovered Obama's spying operation, he notified the head of the FISA court.  The FISA court has already investigated and has stated that Obama officials such as Sally Yates and John Carlin knowingly lied to the FISA court.

We also learned last night that 4 outside contractors had full access to the NSA database and were spying on citizens since 2012 in order to harm the Republican party.  Q told us about [4] Outside Contractors over a year ago in Q Post 643.  Justice is coming.  Get your popcorn.  The next few months should be good!

Enjoy the video!

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