Spy Operation                              

Back in August of 2018, Q gave us an outline of the Obama operation to spy on President Trump.  John Brennan, with the approval of Obama, had set up spy operations to monitor Congress, Republicans, and any American citizen who was deemed as a threat to the Obama Administration.  They used the intelligence they gathered to blackmail and control their targets.  

In Post 1828, Q outlines the operation and players involved. 

Praying Medic did a great job of breaking down this post by identifying the players.  He created graphics with pictures of the individuals and their positions within the Obama Administration.  Click here to listen to his video explaining the post.

Praying Medic broke down the post line by line as follows.
Lines 1 and 2

Lines 3 and 4

Q is telling us that John Brennan and James Clapper were involved in the spying operation.  He cannot reveal more because it is classified.  Q also alludes to the NSA.  Admiral Rogers of the NSA is a white hat.  The NSA has a recording of the conversation between Bill Clinton and Loretta Lynch when they met on the Phoenix Airport tarmac in June of 2016 (election year).  TT refers to the "Tarmac Tapes."

Line 5

Please note the * next to [Bill Clinton]

Line 6

[FBI [James Comey][Andrew McCabe][Jim Rybicki][Michael Steinbach][Bill Priestap][Peter Strzok][Lisa Page][James Baker][Mike Kortan][Josh Campbell][Sally Moyer][George Toscas][Tashina Gauhar][Kevin Clinesmith] -----> [Hillary Rodham Clinton][Bill Clinton][Huma Abedin][Cheryl Mills] ---> [Mainstream Media]

Q is telling us that the FBI worked with the Clinton campaign and the media.  The FBI would leak damaging stories to a complicit media.  The media would write up the stories to smear Trump.  The FBI would then use the articles they planted in the media as source evidence to justify the spying operation on Trump.  Most of this information has now come out into the public eye, but the public did not know this when Q posted 8/09/18.  However, everyone following Q understood this long ago.

Line 7

John McCain, who hated President Trump, was also part of the coup to take out the President.  He leaked information to the media and was the "official" person to deliver the phony dossier to the FBI.  President Obama was directing the spy campaign against Trump.  He was kept updated in his Presidential Daily Briefing.

Lines 8, 9, and 10

The DNC used Fusion GPS to gather dirt on candidate Trump.  Fusion GPS is co-owned by Glen Simpson who previously worked for the Wall Street Journal.  His company Fusion GPS compiles opposition research against a person and uses Simpson's newspaper connections to plant negative stories in the press in order to destroy that person's reputation.  

The DNC tried to cover up and distance themselves from Fusion GPS by using the law firm Perkins Coie as an intermediary to pay for the opposition research.  Remember how the Democrats and Fusion GPS went to court to try and prevent the exposure of who paid for the dossier?

Fusion GPS hired former British Intelligence Operative Christopher Steele to investigate Trump and write the dossier.  Steele gave the dossier to John McCain to use against candidate Trump.

Line 11

In line 11, Q tells us that Hillary Clinton and the DNC were directly working with British Intelligence with the knowledge and approval of the British Prime Ministers Cameron and May.

Lines 12-18

Q tells us that *[Bill Clinton] met Loretta Lynch on the Tarmac where she was offered a Supreme Court seat in return for not pursuing the investigation against Hillary Clinton.  

Bill Clinton acted as a go-between in the meetings of the departments Q listed on lines 1-4.  He was the bridge between the White House, CIA, Director of National Intelligence [James Clapper], and the Department of Justice.

Obama wrote 3 National Security Orders to justify the spying on President Trump.  Hopefully the public will be able to see these orders when President Trump declassifies.

Q tells us the FBI used false information to file for FISA approval to spy on the Trump campaign and presidency.  They also involved the United Kingdom to circumvent domestic laws that prevent our government from spying on citizens.  The UK spied on Trump and fed the information back to the CIA who is not allowed by law to operate domestically.

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