Tarmac Tapes                              

In late June of 2016 Loretta Lynch secretly met with Bill Clinton on the tarmac of the Phoenix airport.  Initially, they claimed the meeting was unplanned and they discussed "golf and grandchildren."  Q tells us they met to negotiate a Supreme Court seat appointment for Loretta Lynch if she squashed the investigation against Hillary Clinton. 

The FBI was investigating the fact that Hillary was keeping State Department emails on a private server in her home.  Once caught, she destroyed evidence by deleting 33,000 emails using a program called 'bleach bit' and by taking a hammer to crush four phones.  Below is a list of Q posts in chronological order relating to the tarmac meeting.

On April 6, Q posts a tweet from NBC about an interview with Loretta Lynch.  He suggests that they are trying to get ahead of the story to minimize the impact and spin the narrative in their direction.

In Post 1148, Q wants Anons to make the connection that Q posted about Loretta Lynch and Supreme Court deal first.  Later, President Trump tweeted about it.  It is a Q Proof that proves that Q is working with President Trump.  Q clarifies that Lynch was offered the seat of Ruth Bader Ginsberg and the timing was coordinated by Hillary after the murder [187] of Justice Antonin Scalia.

Q asks Anons to create side by side graphics for the memes.  Anons get busy making and tweeting memes about the tarmac meeting.  Memes are important because Twitter does not yet have the algorithms to read and censor.

'The Plan' was for Loretta Lynch to remain as Attorney General when Hillary was elected President. Hillary would replace Antonin Scalia.  Later, Ruth Bader Ginsberg would step down and Loretta Lynch would be elevated to Supreme Court Justice.  Clinton would find a new Attorney General.

In Post 1151, Q is asking the Anons to create side by side graphics using the timestamps of the Q Post and Trump's tweet.  He basically is asking Anons to create Q proofs and not just memes.

Q corrected a mistake in Post 1153.  He did not mean SS, he meant SC for Supreme Court.

Finally, an Anon creates a side by side graphic showing the coordination between Q drops and Trump Tweets.

Q is pleased and gives positive feedback to the Anon's work!

Q tells Anons to focus on the Supreme Court promise in the Q proof.  Later when the tarmac tapes are released, this will be an undisputable Q proof.  Future proves past.

Q highlights the Anons work by posting it.  This encourages the Anons to continue, and lets them know they are on the right track.

Q adds more information.  In the 3rd line, Q drops that Antonin Scalia was murdered [187] by the CIA under the direction of John Brennan.

In Post 1556, Q tells us that Amanda Renteria is the bridge or go-between for Loretta Lynch and Hillary Clinton.  He links to a video by ABC that shows Amanda Renteria walking behind Bill Clinton.  When Q first posted this video, it was clear and people could be identified.  Now the images are pixelated and the people cannot be identified.  So ABC did not take the video down, but purposefully distorted it.

Amanda Renteria ran for California Governor against Gavin Newsom.  At the time she was chief of operations for CA Attorney General Xavier Becerra.  She stepped down from that position without notice to run for governor only 4 weeks before the primary.  She said she didn't have any big funding.  It would be a grassroots effort.  To summarize, she stepped down without notice supposedly to run for Governor at the last minute.  She knew she could not win, so what was her real motive?

In Post 1663, Q links an article from The Blaze that reveals that Bill Clinton's Secret Service [USSS] detail contacted Lynch's detail to arrange the meeting on the tarmac.  This exposed the lie that was told by Clinton and Lynch who said it was a 'chance' meeting.

Here is a Timeline of Events:
February 13, 2016  Justice Scalia was murdered by the CIA.
June 27, 2016  Bill Clinton met secretly on the tarmac with Loretta Lynch to offer her a Supreme Court seat in exchange for dropping the investigation against Hillary.
July 5, 2016  James Comey calls a press conference stating the FBI would not be charging Hillary Clinton.

February 6, 2018  Q first dropped that Lynch was offered a Supreme Court Seat.
April 15, 2018  President Trump tweeted the question, "Was Lynch offered a Supreme Court seat?"

In Post 2862 Q again highlights memes.  Below are the links Q posted.


More to come.

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