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If you are interested in developing a website.  I would highly recommend Lee Romanov's website builder, Income Activator.  I had no experience with any website platform.  Lee gave me a quick tutorial and I was up and running.  This website has so many features that I have not used.  On the right-hand side of the page, you can have Google ads running.  You can have a membership subscription service.  It comes with a built-in store that sells office products, or you can create your own store to sell products.  It is an incredible value for the money. 

There is no way I could build a website like this without investing a ton of time and money into education.  Lee is quick to return your call or email.  She is very professional and efficient.  If you have basic knowledge or time, you can just subscribe to her platform and build your website.  I paid her a one time fee to build DoUKnowQ which means she set up the format, tabs, and forms on the site.  Now I just add the content.  It was money well spent!

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