Could Rosenstein be the Stealth Bomber?

It is May 4, 2019.  Q has not posted today.  I follow Brian Cates on Twitter.  He is not a Q follower, but he writes great articles.  He has been advocating that Rosenstein is a white hat for a long time and his reasoning is compelling.  Q tells us that disinformation is necessary.  He has also posted [Fly Rosenstein Fly].  Stealth Bomber? 

If you just look what Q and Trump have said, it is easy to determine he is a black hat.  But if you look Trump's actions, you may come to a different conclusion.  Below the article by Brian Cates are a few Q posts that might support his theory.

In Post 2165, Q tells us how the Deep State trusts Rosenstein which is confirmed by his confirmation vote of 94 to 6.  Why was it critical for Trump to move [RR] into the DOJ?  Rosenstein prevented McCabe from getting the job.

In Post 2258, Q highlights that Schumer told Trump not to fire trusted Rosenstein.  Q states, "Like Clockwork."

In Post 2264, Q tells us that Comey and McCabe are teaming up against Rosenstein.

Q asks why didn't POTUS fire Rosenstein?

Post 3211 may be the strongest evidence that Rosenstein is working with the Trump team.  "Bake Your Noodle"  Things are not as they appear.

#FLY[RR]FLY#  Stealth Bomber?

One could argue that Sessions recusal made him stealth, but wouldn't Rosenstein be a much more effective 'Stealth Bomber'?

A good disinformation campaign keeps everyone guessing.  It is fun trying to solve Q's puzzles.  Either way I am glad it's time for Rosenstein to fly.  I'm looking forward to watching the Trump team move to offense and start prosecuting the swamp!

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