J. Solomon: FBI Played 'Political Dirty Trick'

It is May 7, 2019.  Happy Birthday DoUKnowQ!  Today is the anniversary of the DoUKnowQ billboard.  If you are interested in listening to the podcast that motivated me to jump off the sidelines into the fray click here

Today's update is an interview of John Solomon by Judicial Watch.  Solomon describes how he was approached late at night by two government men in a blue sedan.  They told him that the Obama Administration had used America's spy agencies for political purposes.  They were concerned about the misuse of the intelligence agencies because they did not want the public backlash to take away important tools to keep America safe from real enemies.  

Solomon explains how Papadopoulos and Page were set up.  He outlines the conflict of Rod Rosenstein dating back to when he oversaw the investigation of Uranium 1 and the Clintons.  It all ties together.  This is a hard-hitting, fact filled interview.

Enjoy the video!

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I enjoy the way John Solomon presents information.  His style is matter of fact and does not stir up emotions.  I highly recommend this video to share with your left-leaning friends.                 

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