High Places with Daryl Crawford Marshall

This is the podcast I was listening to when I was inspired to put up a billboard to raise public awareness of Q.  I had been thinking about it for a while, but after hearing this podcast I decided to act.  

Daryl states that he was visited by an angel who told him that God was relocating him to a high place.  This meant moving into a beautiful home with a panoramic view.  God told him he was entering into a new season.  He was obedient in the small things as well as the big things, so God was elevating him higher.

I know that God is with President Trump and that Q is a heavenly strategy to conquer the enemy and 'awaken the people'.  The phrase "The Great Awakening" is a spiritual awakening that has meanings on multiple levels.  Modern day prophets are calling for a great revival and a new outpouring of the Holy Spirit.  

I am not a prophet.  I do not see visions or hear regularly from God.  I just feel led or convicted to do something.  Ideas pop into my head.  I do not question God, but I do question myself.  Am I getting this right?  If you have read my "About" section, you will know that I had the billboard idea before I even thought of creating a website.  I hate to write.  I've always hated to write because words do not come easy.  It is time consuming, and it was not my plan to write every day.  Bless my family for understanding.  

So God led me along this path.  First the billboard, then the website.  He opened all the doors and set me up with Lee.  When I first began this website, my father asked me why I was doing this.  It was expensive and dangerous.  He has always cautioned me to keep down and stay out of the limelight.  He says, "The point man always gets shot."  I told him, I really felt that I was led by God to do this.  I told him if this was not of God, it would not be successful, and nothing will come of it.  This conversation took place on Sunday, May 13, 2018.  The next day, Q posted my billboard.  

We are definitely in a season of change.  Can you feel it?  God is moving on the nations.  He is answering our prayers.  I would encourage you to keep your eyes on Jesus and be obedient in the small things as well as the big things.  He is calling us all.  He is calling us to step out into things we could never imagine on our own.  Answer his call.

Enjoy the video!

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