Trump: God's Chaos Candidate

Lance Wallnau prophesied that Trump would become President before he won the nomination.  Dr. Wallnau compares Trump to King Cyrus from Isaiah 45.  He states that Trump is a secular leader like Cyrus who was anointed by God to restore his nation. 

Wallnau states the Church has been asleep at the switch.  By removing itself from politics, government and culture, the Church has allowed the Enemy to take control.  The great commission of Spreading the Word of Jesus must include more than the harvesting of souls.  The Church needs to influence nations.  The battle is for Truth and Error, and for the American mind.

Trump has prophetic intuition.  He is the perfect candidate for where America is going.  America is about to go through a great shaking.  Trump was built for the battle ahead and will be a wrecking ball against the agenda of the Enemy.  He can navigate for chaos because he was built for chaos.  Trump is God's chaos candidate.

Enjoy the video!

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Note: This video was published October 21, 2016 before Trump was elected to be president.

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