HRC State Department Pushes Dark Artists

Q tells us "Symbolism will be their downfall."  The Hillary Clinton State Department promoted "artists" such as Marina Abramovich whose work depicts cannibalism.  Mind Furor writes a great thread about 13 "artists" featured in a Vanity Fair article.  For those who are just learning about the symbolism of the Elites, here is a basic primer.  Butterflies symbolize MK-Ultra or The Monarch project where victims are often traumatized and sexually abused early in childhood to cause disassociation.  
Bunny rabbits symbolize pedophilia.  Owls symbolize the worship of Moloch.  Goats and horned animals symbolize Baphomet.  

Scroll below to read the Twitter Thread by Mind Furor.  

Q warned us to be vigilant.  It is reassuring to have evidence that President Trump is prepared.  Trust the Plan!
Where We Go 1, We Go All!

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