Trump Wins Mexican Standoff

It is June 8, 2019.  Victory at the border! Mexico accedes to POTUS' demands in order to avoid tariffs.  The University of Alabama returns a 21.5 million dollar gift and removes the name of the donor Hugh Culverhouse from the law school after Culverhouse urged a boycott of Alabama over the new abortion law.  Way to go Alabama!  Roll Tide! 

Lori discusses how the pastor of McLean Bible Church is apologizing to members who are upset that he prayed for President Trump during his unexpected visit.  I just made the connection!  This was the visit in which POTUS came with his hair combed differently to send a message to the Deep State.  Q has told us about McLean, Virgina in previous posts!  Wow!  He walked into Deep State headquarters, asked and received prayers, and sent a strong message!  This man is fearless!  


Enjoy the video!

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