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trump q websitesWe are giving away 500 Trump, Q and News Websites to our subscribers to help spread The Great Awakening!

As you know it's harder and harder to find the Conservative voice online because of the censorship by Google, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and other corrupt social media Deep State players.

Since their censorship has taken a nasty turn, we will flood the internet with Trump & Q Websites and use our own networks, email lists, and social media platforms linking our followers to these websites. We will circumvent the Deep State censorship and beat them at their own game. 

Your website shows how the Deep State controls people worldwide through fear, sickness, debt, wars, religion and ethnic division.  You can play an active role, and become part of history, in waking up the population to the Deep State corruption so control is returned to the people. 

You will be able to upload videos to your Trump or Q Website and feature the journalist's messages you like, just like does. This will support your favorite journalists by introducing them to your network and by providing links where your visitors can subscribe and support their channels. 

Adding your own content to your own website protects you if you get removed from social media sites. For instance, you can now add and back up your Twitter threads to your own website. Thread reader does not archive your material, and if your account is closed, all your time and hard work is lost. 
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Plus, these websites can generate revenue.
They come with an online store, lead tracking, membership software and an affiliate program. That's why you should only use your social media sites to direct your followers to your website. 

Revenue generated can go to supporting the Conservative Party for the 2020 election and to our independent journalists!

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Together with, has created Trump & Q Themed Websites where you can personalize it, link to it from your social media sites and start sharing it with friends to help spread the news of The Great Awakening. There is no cost to you. Your hosting is paid, there are no contracts and we will connect your own domain name, if you choose to buy one, to your website for free.

The Plan To Save The World

Here's a great video that sums up The Plan To Save The World!

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