Resignations, Peace, Patriots Know It All

It is June 18, 2019.  Trump is holding a massive rally tonight to announce his candidacy for 2020.  X 22 Report reviews today’s news.  Acting Defense Director Patrick Shanahan is not going forward with his confirmation process.  He wants to spend more time with family....

As a part of discovery for the defense, Roger Stone is asking for all of the investigating notes from the Mueller team regarding the DNC server.  Did they ever investigate the DNC server for Russian hacking, or did they just rely on Crowd Strike?

The State Department has announced that 15 current or former employees were culpable in multiple security incidents relating to Hillary’s private server and the use of classified information.  The Trump Administration will begin enforcing existing law that require sponsors of Aliens to be financially responsible.  These are a few of the news stories covered.

Enjoy the video!

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