SB2: The Shocking Truth About Iran

It is June 30, 2019.  Q has not posted.  President Trump made history today when he stepped into North Korea to meet Kim Jong-un at the DMZ.  Today’s Q update features Serial Brain 2 and is produced by And We Know.  This is an important SB2 article to understand.  We do not know our history because much of what we have been taught is false.  History is written by the winners.

SB2 provides the real history of Iran and how the CIA has meddled into its affairs.  In this two-part series, he explains POTUS’s strategy to remove the deeply entrenched CIA funded players and free the Iranian people.  Q 888 Thank you Kim.  Deal made. Clowns out. Strings cut. We took control. Iran next.  - Q
Enjoy the videos!

Source: SerialBrain2 on Reddit                   Produced by And We Know    

Part 2

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