Prophesy for Arkansas

Dutch Sheets has an apostolic, prophetic ministry.  Speaking at a conference in Arkansas, he discusses the importance of coming together in agreement and connecting to past generations.  He then passes the microphone to a woman who was born in Paris, France.  She provides the history of the Ozarks which is the Land of Rainbows - The Land of Covenant.  A prophesy was given -"Arkansas has mended its net, and it is time to push out into the deep for its catch."

The video is cued up to the prophesy for Arkansas.  Later in the video, Dutch refers to a Kentucky town that was devastated from drug deaths.  The officials were corrupt, the police was corrupt, and even a pastor.  The townspeople came together, sought God, and restored the town. Here is the trailer to An Appalachian Dawn.
Enjoy the video!

Website: Dutch Sheets                                                                

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