Incoming! Special Package Boomerang

It is July 27, 2019.  Incoming!  The Boomerang that will take out the Democratic Party.  Lori reviews Q posts 3502 -3513.  Left wing Rolling Stone magazine publishes an article about the background of Ghislaine Maxwell.  Tarantino remakes a Hollywood billboard to highlight the participation of Hollywood in pedophilia. 

Q reminds us that the Hillary Clinton State Department was involved with pedophilia.  UK news organizations are writing about the widespread occurrence of pedophilia by Brits who spend their holidays as pedophile sex tourists.  Information is coming out which is raising public awareness to the reality of "Pizzagate".

Black Conservative Patriot is also featured today.  Click here to watch his video Nunes to Replace Coats? 

Enjoy the video!

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I appreciate the Q commentators who pray at the end of their videos.  There is power in prayer!  When you add your agreement to prayers, you add your power, voice, and witness before heaven.  

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