It is August 1, 2019.  People are upset that Attorney General Barr has declined on prosecuting James Comey for leaking memos.  Brian Cates on Twitter speculates that since the DOJ is not prosecuting the case, the memos can be shared with the public much more quickly. The public can see what a skunk Comey is.  Q states that bigger [Slam Dunk] charges are coming for Comey.

Praying Medic is featured today.  He has noticed that since the Mueller investigation is over, President Trump is taking a more aggressive stance.  POTUS has tweeted about Obama and his book deal, the Clinton Foundation, and Elijah Cummings.  Q has been posting stringers lately.  Praying Medic does a quick dig into how to decode Q's stringers.  It appears the blockades are being removed, and the justice phase is coming!

Enjoy the video!

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