General Flynn vs. Deep State Sedition

It is September 17, 2019.  Dave Janda tells the history of why General Flynn was targeted immediately by the Obama Administration after President Trump's election. Remember Benghazi?  General Flynn testified in a closed-door session of Congress that the US was arming ISIS to assassinate Qaddafi and destabilize Libya. 

Dr. Janda walks us through the trial of General Flynn and how the tables have been turned on the bad actors.  Judge Sullivan granted Flynn attorney Sidney Powell a private meeting.  The fact that the judge would allow such a meeting indicates that something very big is on the table.  It looks like the table has been turned!  

Enjoy the video!

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I remember how disappointed I felt last Spring when Judge Sullivan didn't throw out the charges against General Flynn, and General Flynn didn't withdraw his guilty plea. Those actions make sense now in light of what we now know.  Q has told us to 'Trust the Plan.'  This is a good example of how we are watching a well-executed plan unfold.  

However, we should take nothing for granted.  We need to continue to pray for General Flynn, Sidney Powell, and President Trump.  Pray for protection, Wisdom and Understanding.  Our role as prayer warriors is important and powerful in the tearing down of Strongholds!

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