Eyes Wide Open

Fiona Barnett is a victim of CIA child trafficking, ritual abuse, and MK-Ultra Mind Control.  She has courageously stood up and shared her personal experiences of abuse in Australia and in the US.  Fiona describes techniques that were used on her by military and intelligence agencies for mind control.  Her story aligns with many of the topics to which Q has alluded.  

She explains how victims are selected, and why most therapy is ineffective. Much of our modern psychology was written by the monsters that developed mind control techniques!  Fiona recommends Trauma-Focused Integration therapy and explains why she feels that approach is essential to healing.  She provides this book for free and asks people to distribute it widely.  Her website is Fionabarnett.org

Warning:  This book contains graphic descriptions of abuse.  Fiona names her abusers, many of which you will know.  She identifies respected leaders in politics, religion, and Hollywood. Some of the names will not surprise you, but some names may shake you to your core.  


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