NDE -Testimonial of Nathan Wheeler

Nathan Wheeler has been on a quest most of his life to find a way to avoid death and discover the truth about God.  He researched many religions, Yoga, and New Age mysticism.  He practiced Buddhism and became a Shaman.  Nathan rejected Christianity from an early age because he recognized the hypocrisy of many Christians.  

Nathan has spiritual gifts which made him successful in many religious practices.  He has predicted future events, astral projected, and has reached states of altered consciousness gaining knowledge from the spiritual realms.  These things are real.  When Nathan was in his thirties, he died and went to Heaven.  Four angels gave him a tour of Heaven and sent him back to share his experiences and message with people.

If you have been searching for an answer about the various ways to find God, this may be the video series for you.  Nathan tends to over-explain, but after the first video you will be hooked.  He is very interesting.  He shares the power and deception of mystery religions.   Nathan requests that you watch his videos in sequence.  Below is the link to his first video.  You can find the rest of his videos on You Tube at Truth Me Free.

Enjoy the video!

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