Embrace the Unorthodox Methods of God

October 10, 2019.  Mike Thompson states, "God is changing the way church is done and evangelism is happening.  Revival is here!"  Like President Trump, God is using unorthodox methods to bring revival to our nation.  Good things are happening!

We are beginning to see signs of revival from non-traditional sources.  Kanye West is an example.  Kanye West, who has been a rapper and is married to Kim Kardashian, is now performing outdoor Sunday Services and testifying of Christ to large audiences on the street.  

Justin Bieber, who has 119 Million Instagram followers, posted about his struggle with drug abuse and anxiety.  He said his faith in Jesus Christ has led him through it all.  Now he is navigating the best season of his life.   Praise God!

Enjoy the video!

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