Comey & Mifsud Meeting in Australia

It is October 14, 2019.  Information keeps trickling out about the coup plot against President Trump.  Comey and Mifsud met in Australia just days before Mifsud set up the meeting with George Papadopoulos in Rome!  Mifsud was also there when Stephan Halper set up General Flynn in London.  

Project Veritas released the first in a series of videos exposing the bias of CNN producers and management against President Trump.  They have had difficulties uploading their videos to You Tube, so here is the direct link to their website.  

My favorite news of the day is how President Trump just pummeled Turkey with crippling sanctions, and they are crying “Uncle”!  Click here to read the article from Sundance. Trump’s Syrian Maneuver Works – President Erdogan Asks for Negotiations with Kurds in Syria.

Enjoy the video!

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