Only One Party Will Be Standing

It is October 20, 2019.  Kevin Shipp joins Greg Hunter to discuss the political war over removing President Trump.  Shipp believes violence will increase against Trump supporters.  But at the end of this war, only one party will be standing.  Shipp thinks there is a reason that the Trump administration is going slowly in dismantling the Deep State globalist.  

“We are talking current and former high-level U.S. government officials and heads of big U.S. corporations, and if these people were all taken down at the same time, it would cause a crisis in the U.S. government and instability.”  This would affect the stock market dramatically and the economic stability of the US economy.  

Enjoy the video!

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The main message is to be prepared.  Be wise and avoid confrontation but be prepared to protect yourself and your family.  Be ready to step up and take their place.  We need Godly men and women running our country and businesses.  If we put God first, our nation will thrive and flourish as never before!  Our country can be a testimony to the world, and the Word of the Lord will cover the earth as waters cover the sea!

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