Finding the Finders

It is October 26, 2019.  Yesterday, the FBI posted redacted documents about The Finders cult on their website.  In 1987, two men and six children were arrested in Tallahassee, Florida under suspicion that the men were involved in human trafficking, pedophilia, and satanism.  Many agencies were involved in investigating The Finders.  Evidence linked the group to the CIA, but suddenly all investigations were halted, and the case was closed.  

Q has told us in Post 189 that the "cult" runs the world.  This documentary gives you a glimpse of how the cult flourished as the internet and computers were gaining wide acceptance.  It is sickening to realize that this was exposed and then covered up in 1987.  It could have been stopped.  Think of how advanced and sophisticated this international trafficking ring has become over the last 30 years.  Below is the excellent documentary about The Finders which all should watch.  The Conscious Resistance put out another short video yesterday in response to the FBI's release.  It is also below. 

Enjoy the video!

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