ABC News Killed Epstein Story

Project Veritas has produced a powerful video of 20/20 Anchor Amy Robach venting her frustration that ABC killed her story about Jeffrey Epstein three years ago.  She uncovered connections to Bill Clinton and Prince Andrew.  This was three years ago around the time of the 2016 Presidential election, but even after Hillary lost ABC still wouldn’t air the story.

Enjoy the video!

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I appreciate the frustration that Ms. Robach felt.  Not all mainstream reporters are corrupt to the core. It is the producers and executives who call the shots.  I sympathize with the fallout that Ms. Robach will receive based on this leaked video.  I pray that her career survives and one day she is able to tell her story.  We need insiders to stand up and expose the corruption.  Thank you Project Veritas for giving brave insiders a platform and a voice.                       

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