Project Looking Glass

Project Looking Glass is a military project where various scenarios can be inputted into a machine and future outcomes can be determined.  Military planners can change the inputs until they achieve the desired outcome.  Very handy for those who have access.  

I have two videos for your review.  The first is a 11-minute clip of a 2012 interview with Bill Woods who worked on Project Looking Glass.  He said Project Looking Glass is no longer used because the time scenarios became compressed.  No matter how inputs were changed, the future outcome was the same.  When asked what the unchangeable future is, he said he doesn’t know.  It was kept secret, and the elite are afraid of it.  He said he thinks it has to do with an awakening.
There is an inevitable event coming, but they don’t have control what happens.  He thinks it is an awakening process and an evolution of consciousness.  All will learn the truth and break through the dam of lies.  Click here to watch The Shift.

The second video is by Praying Medic titled Follow the Family.  However, the first part of the video he discusses technical aspects of Project Looking Glass and poses thoughtful questions.  Dave also reviews the latest Q posts so you will be completely up to date!

Enjoy the video!

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