There is No Step Five

Q outlined the Democratic playbook last February and it has progressed like clockwork.  But their games are coming to an End!  Q said there is no Step Five! 

Lori provides a great synopsis from yesterday’s hearing including the testimonies of Vindman, Volker, and Morrison.  Senator John Kennedy stated in a separate hearing that Epstein didn’t hang himself and the American people want answers.  Two of Epstein’s prison guards have been charged with falsifying records.

Finally, Lori reviews an article by True Pundit.  Thomas Paine risks his life to publish a story of a man who states that he was raped by Bill Clinton on a luxury yacht as a part of a ritual while other DC elite watched.  It is an incredibly difficult testimony to hear.  Lori has provided many of us a great service by outlining the main points.  Here is a link to Thomas Paine’s article.  

Enjoy the video!

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