UFO's, Aliens, and the Bible

Does the Bible have anything to say about UFO's and aliens?  Yes, it does!  Non-human entities are discussed throughout the Bible.  Chuck Missler reviews UFO sightings and alien phenomenon and offers an explanation.  These entities are not from another planet, but they are from a different dimension; and they play a major role in end times.  

Chuck questions why the Roswell incident is still highly classified.  He outlines the major disinformation campaign that the government used to silence those who questioned the official story.  He notes that the CIA was established in September of 1947, just months after the Roswell incident.  

The Bible warns about an end time deception that is so powerful that if possible, even the elect shall be deceived.  (Matthew 24:24)  This is a fascinating video and will explain much of what we are seeing today.  It will prepare you for the coming disclosure, so you will not be deceived.

Enjoy the video!

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