Nate Cain - Bards of War

It is February 25, 2020.  Yesterday, Q posted a link to this interview of Nate Cain by Bards of War. Nate Cain is a Patriot. Nate risked everything to reveal the active cover-up of FBI Director Comey and his efforts to protect the Clinton Global Crime Network. Comey suppressed huge troves of FBI investigative files. Nate found them and turned them over to Rep. Devin Nunes and IG Michael E. Horowitz. This is Nate's story, many of the details never before disclosed.

Enjoy the video!

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I love how many patriots unabashedly speak of God and Jesus Christ.  This should be mainstream and a part of our everyday conversations.  May the Lord continue to bless Nate Cain and Bards of War.

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