Defeating Deep Rooted Evil

This is a great interview by SGT Report.  Dr. Shiva is running for Senate in Massachusetts.  He has great ideas that you need to hear.  For example, the US Postal Services was designed for people to communicate privately.  If the Postal Service maintained its original mandate and offered a platform like Facebook, Email, Google for people to communicate, we would not be losing our rights of Free Speech.  The Post Office would make billions instead of losing money. 

He states vaccines are based on a 1960 understanding of the immune system.  He believes the entire vaccine system needs to be overhauled and brought back to individual choice.  He discusses the origination of the Corona virus and how the Chinese people are revolting against their oppressive government.  

We need this man in the Senate or the Trump Administration.  Listening to this interview is time well spent.  Please share this and hit the Like button on You Tube to increase the ranking for SGT Report.

Enjoy the video!

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